I swim With MS for MS.

Join me each year as I attempt record-setting ultra-marathon swims.

I have been living with Multiple Scleorsis (MS) for over twenty-five years. When I was first diagnosed I was told “don’t exercise.” After a decade of following one of the silliest pieces of advice I was ever given, I learned different; exercise can heal me.

Cowichan Lake double crossing, 70km

Since finding my way to health while living with MS, I have made it my mission to share what I have learned with others who have the disease. I have also made it my mission to fund opportunities for others with MS to exercise through my fundraising efforts. I swim #withMS4MS.

Each year I challenge myself to a marathon swim and use it as an opportunity to share my message and raise funds for those who can not afford to pay for fitness programs. Four years ago I swam across the Strait of Juan de Fuca from Port Angeles to Victoria wearing nothing more than a swimsuit, goggles and swim cap; a swim that only a handful of people have completed. I have also attempted to double my distance and swim from Victoria to Port Angeles (Dungeness Spit) and back. This was the first time a double crossing had been attempted. Two years ago I was the first known person to complete a swim across Haro Strait.

Final moments, Juan de Fuca Strait single crossing

Last summer I took a break from my swims for MS redirecting my efforts to COVID-19 Relief with the Great Big Swimand this summer the first known person to swim around James Island. 

I will continue my journey in the Salish Sea and hope to swim around a number of the islands as I learn more about the waterway and the impact on my health. When I do this I will reach out to the community and raise funds for the MS Wellness Centre; a centre that is working to provide people living with MS physical services that help improve their quality of life.

You can learn more about my swims and how I am preparing here.