Each year I embark on a number of projects to keep me focused and healthy! 

This year I swam through the Inside Passage in Canada’s Great Bear Rainforest to Koeye. This was my forth swim in the Great Bear Sea. It is here where I have encountered whales, jellyfish larger than any I could have ever imagined and learned about the role the sea and the land that surrounds it plays in living a health life.

I also continued my journey is the Salish Sea swimming with MS4MS attempting to swim 3 straits in one summer; Haro, Juan de Fuca and Georgia

To add to my learning about the Salish Sea I worked with my friend Corey Teramura at Pearson College on the Race Rocks Challenge. We worked with a small group of students who were the first ever to swim from Race Rocks to the college.

One of my greatest joys in life is coaching a group of 60 Special Olympic athletes. I have been training 6 of them to swim across the English Channel on a relay team; the Spirit Orcas. I am thrilled to be both their coach for this incredible venture as well as their number 1 supporter and friend. I also coached my friend Meliah to become the first known Canadian with Down Syndrome to swim 5 KM in the open water.

Every year I organize the Thetis Lake Swim for MS with my good friend MJ VanBergen. And as an ongoing project I share my experiences with MS on, my personal blog.