The Great Big Swim: Stage 4

Stage 4 – Amity Drive to the Beach House
Date: July 18, 2020
Total swim distance: 14 km
Weather: 17C, Partly Cloudy, winds 3-5km
Water Temperature: 11-12C
Aly, Ben, Drew, Jasmine, Susan (distance) Meliah, Maria, Lidia, Dixon, Cheyenne (1.5 KM swimmers) Crew:
Krissy, Ray, Jacob, Reg, Peter, Pam, Gord, Ingrid

 It was a bit tough getting in the water at Amity. It is very rocky, with lots of barnacles and seaweed. Once we were in however, we were fine. The water was flat and the sun was out; conditions were ideal. Swimming in these waters when it is like this, even with the 12C temperature, is a very spiritual experience. You know you are in the water where the whales are!

As with our other swims we stayed as close to the shore as possible as its about 1 degree warmer. This makes a huge difference in waters that are 12 to 13C.

After about 30 minutes we took our first break. I always look forward to the conversations with the Spirit Orcas. They are very in-the-moment and pure.  This one with Drew was one of my favourites during the swim.

A few kilometres into the swim Drew’s lips turned purple and he started to shiver. The water was very cold. We were going to swim to the tip of the spit but decided to enter the bay and have him exit. I stayed behind with him, Krissy and Jacob  while the others swam ahead. Once he was out and with the land crew I swam to catch up. The water temperature never let up!

Once we past the Cordova Point spit conditions changed. We ran into a strong current. You could see the water movement by watching the seaweed pass by. Ben was next to shiver. he exited the water and walked the beach at Island View contemplating his swim and its purpose. Aly, Jasmine and I continued to swim on. 

Aly was next to succumb to the cold. It was a hard lesson as she had been fine on all of the other swims. It was difficult for her to understand why on this one, especially when you are swimming in the same ocean. But the waters of Georgia, Haro and Juan de Fuca Strait are very different, and we had officially entered Haro.

Once we reached the boat launch at Island View Beach, Ben was ready to re-enter the water, more determined than ever. I asked Aly and Drew if they could take a bit more time to warm and join us further down the waterway. 

Jasmine, Ben and I swam through a beautiful plush kelp forest as we made our way towards Cordova Bay and Parker Park, the meet-up spot with K Pod.

It seemed to take forever to find our meet-up spot. It was hidden around a corner so was hard to see. But once we did we could feel the excitement of K Pod. They were in the water waiting to swim. Dixon had a bit of cut near his eye. It was hard for him to swim. He was so determined he swam and stopped as he needed to with Reg tending to his wound. The crew always shows so much compassion for the athletes. I am grateful for their kindness.

We all swam on for about 40 minutes to an hour until we reached our final destination, the Beach House!