Crystal Pool and Fitness Centre

(This project is currently on hold due to COVID-19)

I believe that we all have a responsibility for managing health and keeping the cost of health care down. I believe all levels of Government need to provide the facilities we need to come together as a community and exercise. I also believe that as Canadians we each have a responsibility to do our part by exercising and eating a healthy diet. 

Through preventative measures, such as exercise, we can help reduce the cost of health care preserving funds for those who need them most.

The City of Victoria in British Columbia, Canada is currently not doing its part to support those of us who self mange our health and keep the cost of health care down. Our municipal pool is at end of life and at risk of breaking down. The Mayor and Council have been flip-flopping on a decision for 10 years to re-build our much needed swimming pool and fitness centre with no decision in sight. 

Victoria is a city of 90,000 people with several thousand using the facility. This is inexcusable. To encourage the city to move forward with a new facility I have been working with a group of citizens and we have formed an action committee. We are actively advocating for the pool.

Below are a few letters I have written to various parties with the hope they will help the Mayor and Council move forward with a new pool.