Beacon Hill Park

I am a resident of Victoria, British Columbia and live across the street from Beacon Hill Park. This 150+ acre public park is in the traditional territory of the Lekwungen First Nation and downtown Victoria. It is a well used park and important to the residents and the city.

In 1882 the park was granted in Trust to the City of Victoria. Over the years some folks have taken shelter in the park over-night. During the COVID-19 pandemic the Victoria’s Mayor & Council granted permission for 24/7 camping in the park. When they did this, they also closed most of the roads through the park. This drastically changed the nature of the park and changed the community. 

Although 24/7 camping is no longer permitted, and the city has created a bylaw for now camping in the park for two years, the story is not over. The Mayor and Council have voted to keep the roads in the park closed which leaves a number of people in the disability community unable to access the park.

The following are some of my letters to political leaders, commentaries and interviews that captured some of my thoughts on the matter.