At the end of the day all we really have is each other, and for that I am grateful more than you will ever know.

Like many, I am feeling the impact of COVID-19 more and more each day. At the same time, I recognize and am grateful for my circumstance. My family members and friends are still here, I have a great job, the Spirit Orcas and I continue to find ways to swim and Ray is beside me each day.

Despite this, the sting from little losses has been both painful and challenging. Most recently, many of us received news of travel restrictions, gym closures, and more as COVID-19’s Omicron variant invades our communities leaving many of us feeling paralyzed by uncertainty and hopeless at a time of year we typically feel joy.

In my own life, I have experienced the loss of a several things that two years ago would have seemed insignificant. Lately, as these micro-losses increase, their cumulative impact deepens and the severity of each worsens regardless of what it is. I know I am not alone.

A kind-hearted man, Todd McDonald from Give to Live, once told me that the act of giving is healing. I have learned through hands-on experience that he is right. Knowing this, as I enter a new year and I feel a near insatiable need to heal, I ask that those of you who receive my gift do so with the knowledge that you are helping me. I also ask that you amplify the impact of our heartfelt healing by helping others. 

The Gift

A few people have reached out to me over the past months asking if I can help them prepare for an open water swim by providing training tips, workouts and in some cases, coaching. There is a desire by many to go beyond the dip and challenge one’s self with a 3, 5 or 10km swim.

Throughout my swim career I have been the beneficiary of the kindness, knowledge, expertise and the time of so many people. It is my turn to give back. For those who are interested I am offering a free 3, 5 and 10km open water swim training program and support on the day of your big swim. 

How it works

Starting January, I will be sharing weekly swim workouts for each of these distances through a private Facebook group. Late August, I will work with those who are part of the #SwimGift community to organize your swims and if possible, be there with you. My hope is that we can host the swims in Victoria, Nanaimo, Powell River, and other small communities in our Province. 

How to amplify healing

Each of you knows someone in your community in need of support or have a cause to which you feel personally connected. To amplify the healing, I simply ask that you connect with either the person or a community organization and give. The give can be your time, or it can be by raising funds on the day of your swim. It is your gift and your choice. I simply ask you pass it on.

How you join #SwimGift

Pop me a note at info @ susansimmons.ca along with the city you live in, your swim goal and a link to your Facebook page. I will add you to the group!

Merry merry and thank you for the gift of healing.

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  1. I’m interested in a 5km swim – eventually working towards doing an ice mile. Need to learn to swim faster. Live on Cortes island

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