UPDATE: BHP Trust Case Followup

I have received an amendment to the FOI I originally sent to the city. There are a few documents missing (7 email attachments) however my letter is now there.

Between the two FOI responses 6 or 7% letters are for camping in the park, 84 or 93% are against.

You can view the FIRST document set I was sent here. You can view the SECOND document set I was sent here.


Dear Ms. Havelka

I recently requested a FOI regarding the submission to you for the upcoming Beacon Hill Park Trust case in the Supreme Court of British Columbia. I could not help but note the letter I submitted on May 5th was not amongst them.

Kindly advise as to why my letter has been excluded.


Susan Simmons

FOI document from City of Victoria, received May 13, 2021

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